Success Stories

Immediate Dentures -Jose Jefford

Right from start to finish, I felt welcome, relaxed and understood.

Treatment highlights:

  • Going through some difficult decisions to make my teeth.
  • Phil helped me understand my options and what is exactly going on .
  • Thank you for the personalized denture service to restore my smile.
Implant-Supported Dentures – Cheryl Dohnt

I would recommend Phil Tasker Dental for his care, professionalism and knowledge of how to get the best outcome for his patients.

Treatment highlights:

  • The dentures does not move and is quite easy to unclip for cleaning.
  • The teeth themselves are awesome as they look so natural, worth the extra expense.
  • All I can say – FABULOUS!!! I can eat like a person with natural teeth.
Partial Dentures – Chris Frank

Before seeing Phil my self-esteem was very low when I talked, I tried not to open my mouth and laughing was hard.

Treatment highlights:

  • Took the stress out of taking extra time off work..
  • Have had my teeth in for 2 months and feel that because the fit was made right for my mouth.
  • I now wish I had done this long ago my health has improved and I am feeling a lot more confidence.
BPS Dentures – Laura Peters

My mouth problem was quickly identified by Mr Tasker who sent me onto an oral surgeon

Treatment highlights:

  • A couple of months later I began fittings for my new dentures.
  • After minor adjustments I am very happy with them.
  • Very satisfied with the prompt diagnosis, pleasant and professional service given to me.