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As a manager my self-esteem was very low when I talked, I tried not to open my mouth and laughing was hard.

Also, my Heath was suffering and I was taking lots of time off work.

Phil listened to my concern and needs during the consultation appointment and explain what he could do.

I could have my teeth out and wait 6 weeks or if I would like to have it all done at once.

It was good that I was able to have appointments after hours with both Phil and the dentist which took the stress out of taking extra time off work.

I have felt that Phil had made the plates to fit so well.

I have had my teeth in for 2 months and feel that because the fit was made right for my mouth and the false teeth went straight in they have put the pressure into the right places and I have not had much trouble with pain.

I would recommend anyone to go along and talk to Phil and see what he can do for you

P.S. I now wish I had done this long ago my health has improved and I am feeling a lot more confidence. I would also like to say a big thank you to Phil and his team.  

My mouth problem was quickly identified by Mr Tasker who sent me onto an oral surgeon.

3 months later I began fittings for my new dentures.

After minor adjustments I am very happy with them, very satisfied with the prompt diagnosis, pleasant and professional service given to me.

I came across Phil Tasker from a referral. After I had a consultation with him then I decided that implant-supported dentures would be the best available option to go.

Some beautiful teeth were made and fitted well as Phil uses a different shape on the lower denture and had taken great care to make sure that the bite was perfect.

All I can say – FABULOUS!!! I can eat like a person with natural teeth.

The lower denture does not move and is quite easy to unclip for cleaning. The teeth themselves are awesome as they look so natural, worth the extra expense.

If anyone is thinking of implants – go for it!

It is a good investment and will take time as all good things do.

I would also recommend Phil Tasker Dental for his care, professionalism and knowledge of how to get the best outcome for his patients.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind