How This Technique Can Enhance Your Suction and Stability In The Lower Denture?

Dr Jiro Abe, Japan – Lower Denture Stability

Dr Abe has developed a technique to enhance suction and stability in the lower denture.

Dr Abe fitted a small camera to a lower denture to enable the study of muscles that affect the denture’s suction, in particular the area of the denture behind the last molar.

By extending this area, a seal is created when the cheek and tongue folds over this extension creating a seal-improving suction.

We have been using this technique for over six years.

Our first patient, Ross (a member of our staff) reports that he is pleased with the improved suction and stability in his lower denture.

There are additional techniques in the Biofunction Prosthetic System (BPS) by which we fine tune the extension to enhance the fit and suction.

More information on the Mandibular Suction Effective Denture Quintessence is available by clicking here. 


Implants work to improve denture function.

More people are deciding that they would like more from their dentures, particularly in relation to retaining their dentures more securely.

At present, we are working with two oral surgeons in Hamilton’s Anglesea Clinic,  Drs Brian Whitley and Peter Clarke, who undertake the implant surgery.

Our latest patient to have this procedure completed was Cheryl.

Cheryl had extractions three years ago, and had been very unhappy with her two previous full upper and lower dentures (made elsewhere).

On our first consultation with Cheryl, she expressed a desire for a lower denture to behave more like having her own teeth.   We suggested implants.

Cheryl had two implants inserted (Phase 1) in December 2014, along with surgery to reduce bony undercuts.

We produced BPS dentures using the Dr Abe technique, and Cheryl was very happy with the result.

She had remarkable suction prior to the fitting of implants in her denture.

We fitted a soft temporary lining in the lower denture while the tissue healed post surgery.

Approximately eight weeks later Cheryl returned to Dr Clark to have the components fitted (Stage 2) to her implants to carry the denture.

She returned to us to have the clip-on fixtures fitted into her denture (Stage 3) which we carried out directly in the mouth (an approximately two hour, painless procedure).

The lower denture had a cast internal component for re-inforcement.

Cheryl has written a blog on our site regarding her treatment.

She describes how she is happy with the improved function and the aesthetics.   Read Cheryl’s blog here.