IVOCAP Dentures

  • Ivocap Dentures are our ‘middle of the range’ denture using the very latest impression techniques for the following reasons;
  • Bite taking and articulation using average value (not with facebow) in a balanced occlusion
  • Premium teeth imported from Germany
  • We carefully select teeth to match skin tone and size appropriate.
  • Processing using the IVOCAP continuous injection into the moulds
  • Which results in a better tooth bond, denser pink acrylic
  • Better fit to the gums and absorbs less stain and bacteria

Please bring along a photo of yourself prior to your extractions showing your teeth or of a family member with similar appearance.

Appointment Times

  • 30 minute        1st impression
  • 30 minute        2nd impression
  • 45 minute        Bite:  and selection of teeth
  • 15 minute       Try:  to check appearance and bite.
  • 15 minute      Finish:  Final Fitting.
  • 15 minute      Follow-Up

One EASE at no charge, additional adjustments extra charge. There are optional extras available where you can upgrade the Denture. Please let us know if you have a history of breaking your denture or have a heavy or uneven bite!  If you do have any of these problems, we use:

  • High Impact Luxon
  • Metal stainless steel reinforced grid used only in upper
  • Gold inlay
  • Diamantes
  • Soft lining in lower denture

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind