How To Make Dentures Fit Comfortably?

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your dentures – they shouldn’t hold you back in any aspect of your lifestyle.

If you’re wearing dentures for the first time.  Your gums may feel sore in that initial period.

This is completely normal, and as your mouth gets used to new false teeth, this should soon fade away.

Here are some top tips to help speed up this settling-in period and help you feel more confident about your new smile.

Give it time

Many people adjust to new dentures straight away, but for others, it can take a few months before they get used to the fit and feel.

By the time of your first review visit, you will probably have been wearing the new dentures for about a week.

It’s not uncommon to feel mild discomfort and experience a little difficulty when speaking whilst getting used to your dentures.

Over time, your jaw and gums should adjust to the new dentures and you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

Care for your denture

Making sure your dentures are properly cared for will reduce the chance of any problems in the future.

Store them overnight immersed in water in a container to prevent them from warping or losing their shape.

A thorough denture cleaning routine is important – specialist denture cleaners like CalDent cleanser tablets kill odour causing bacteria*, leaving you confident of a fresh-feeling mouth.

* in laboratory tests

Relieve any pain immediately

As you’re getting used to your new dentures, you may experience some mild discomfort, which should subside as your mouth adjusts.

If your gums continue to feel sore for a prolonged period of time, your dentures may need adjusting.

Just one small adjustment may dramatically increase your comfort in no time.

*We offer two FREE adjustments after the final fit.

What If My Denture Becomes Loose Down The Line?

Dentures can become loose because of general wear or bone resorption and shrinkage of tissues – a process that sees your mouth and jaw naturally changing over time, resulting in your denture fitting less snugly.

Your dental professional should be able to quickly identify and fix any problems with your dentures, so denture relines are important.

Taking steps towards making sure dentures keep their comfortable fit means you can continue to go about life as normal and not let the little things get in the way.