Denture Relines

Rotorua Denture relines

Denture relines are very important, especially for patients who have had recent extractions.  Following extractions, as your gums heal, they will also shrink.

This shrinkage is often uneven so creating pressure points and voids under the fitting surface.  This in turn creates stress in the denture itself and often results in an embarrassing denture fracture.

A denture reline replaces the tissue that has shrunk,  making your denture far stronger and they will fit like new again.

Why Reline Your Dentures?

  • A small extension 2-3 mm to the edge of your denture and palate can make a world of difference to the suction of your denture.
  • This gives a better fit, fewer sore spots — can improve the bite in many cases
  • Replaces the majority of acrylic (the pink part of your denture) with new unstressed acrylic. This is especially important if you have had fractures and repairs in your dentures as this will make it far stronger.
  • A reline of a full denture in most cases can be done in the same day.  An appointment is set up around 9.00 — 9.30 a.m and the final fitting around 4 p.m. for the fraction of the cost of new denture.  Therefore making it fit like new again, complete with a nice clean and polish.
  • Usually a denture will last 7-12 years and in this period a reline would be done every 2-3 years, except if you have had any recent extractions in the last 2 years, then you may require relining sooner.
  • Partial Dentures – can be relined but because of your own teeth where the partial denture fits, this complicates the process.  Clasps often have to be removed and redone and undercuts on your teeth require blocking out, requiring a lot more work and time.  Partial relines usually take a couple of days and depending on how complicated they are generally more expensive to reline.  We give free quotes and consultations and currently have a waiting list of approximately 2-3 weeks for relines.
  • Metal Partial Dentures — can be relined and in particular lower partials with free end saddles means (no back teeth either side behind front or premolar teeth) that it is important to keep this fitting well, as when you chew you load the posterior ends of your denture and this can put more pressure and load on your clasping teeth.  We also recommend you remove your partial denture at night, as the area where your denture contacts your own teeth can impact on your natural teeth.  If not kept scrupulously clean, even just the juices of saliva can lead to decay in these areas, a regular visit to your dentist for a clean and scale is very important to monitor these areas.
  • Your dentures won’t last forever.  As you get older your dentures or false teeth will start to lose their fit and comfort. Dentures shouldn’t hurt, slip, click, or whistle at all and should be comfortable all the time.  If you are experiencing some issues then it’s probably time to come and see us and get your dentures checked up on.  Free first consultation to check them out and advise you what your best options are!

We do the majority of our relines using IVOCAP processing, because we know just how great it is.

Since we have been using the IVOCAP system, we have far fewer patients back for adjustments after the final fitting.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind