BPS Dentures

BPS dentures Rotorua

Why BPS?

What You Should Expect

  • Comfort – reduced irritation to the gums
  • Strength – extremely dense material reduces the chance of breakage
  • Cleanliness – Non-porous surface greatly lessens odour causing plaque bacteria
  • Fit – non-allergic, non-irritating and comfortable to wear
  • Health – eat virtually any food
  • Aesthetics – natural looking so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence

*We are the only BPS certified denture clinic in Central North Island.

what makes BPS® dentures so great?

BPS® precision dentures are the result of a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and training which are all available exclusively to certified BPS® clinics.

The goal for BPS® dentures is to provide what is best for patients using the instrumentation, training and materials necessary to create the highest quality denture available.

Dentures made using BPS will always chew better, feel more comfortable to wear and will look more natural and more like your old teeth.

Before extraction, because of the fact that we spend much more time personalizing them for you and the unique BPS process we use.

BPS stands for Bio Functional Prosthetic System which uses the latest techniques for impression taking and bite registration.  This will eliminate more sore spots and inaccuracies in recording the bite.

The use of our facebow is the best tool in establishing the correct position of the upper jaw (maxilla) in relation to your lower jaw.

We transfer this recording to the articulator which reproduces the jaw movements.

Helping us to accurately position the teeth for better function and balance when chewing.

This makes your dentures more stable eliminating excessive movement.

When you have had the try-in of your replica dentures and are satisfied with appearance, position, size and colour and that they meet your aesthetic expectations.

We can still move the teeth to look more irregular or rearrange to show more teeth etc. as they are still made in wax at this stage.

We then process the dentures using our latest BPS Ivocap Injection Process to create your new dentures.

This allows the fabrication of high-precision denture bases offering unparalleled accuracy of fit.

The injection technology used in the IvoBase Injection system results in a denture that will provide you with the best fit possible and superior results in removable dental prosthetics.

All our patients are given a complimentary cleaning kit and instruction booklet that lists the techniques used and materials colour and type of teeth selected to make your denture.

Ivoclar guarantee the teeth used for 5 years – not the denture base.

We expect our patients to get 7 – 10 years out of their dentures before requiring replacement and would expect to see our patients through our recall system after 2 -3 years for a reline.

We do the majority of our relines using Ivocap, because we know how great it is.

Since we have been using the Ivocap system, we have far fewer patients coming back for adjustments after the final fitting.

BPS Executive Dentures

Initial consultation where we discuss your expectations, any problems you might have in your existing dentures, tooth selection and lip support.

1st impression taken

2nd impression using special trays and latest impression techniques using rubber

Bite registration using Face Bow in some cases Gnathnometre with difficult bites

“State of the Art” Stratos Articulator to reproduce jaw movements and special 3D set up jig to position teeth for superior balance and functions

Processing using IVOCAP continuous injection into the moulds results in better tooth bond denser pink acrylic, better fit to the gums and absorbs less stains and bacteria

Tooth Selection to match skin tone and size appropriate premium P E Ivoclar teeth with composite layer with advanced layering technique to create alive natural looking translucent teeth – extremely hard wearing.

Teeth are set up and tried in the mouth, can be adjusted to give that just perfect aesthetic appearance, personal character.

Gums are carved to copy natural Gum Gingivae contours and texture with artificial rugae in the palate to help phonetics (speech).

Includes 2 complimentary adjustments with V.I.P. priority.

Finished to our very high V.I.P. standard and polished incisal edge characterized.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind