4 Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health with Dentures

You may think that your dental routine can be relaxed now that you have fewer/no teeth, many patients are surprised to discover that their dentures need just as much care.

Not only do denture wearers have to properly clean and maintain their false teeth, but particular care needs to be taken to ensuring the jaws remain healthy too because the gums serve as a foundation for the dentures, and any irritation caused by bacteria can quickly cause sores on the gums that will make wearing dentures extremely uncomfortable. If you’re new to denture world and are uncertain how to properly care for them, read this handy guide for maintaining oral health with dentures.

1: Brush your dentures daily

Much like you would with real teeth, dentures require daily brushing to keep clean. This helps ensure plaque and bacteria don’t build up and cause stains. However, unlike real teeth, toothpaste and hard bristle brushes should be avoided as this can damage the dentures. Instead, gently brush your dentures with a soft bristle brush and nonabrasive denture cleaner, taking care not to bend attachments or damage the plastic.

2: Keep your dentures in a solution overnight

Of all the tips for maintaining oral health with dentures, making leaving them out while you sleep is one of the most important ones. This is because wearing dentures at night can greatly increase the levels of saliva in your mouth, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It also doesn’t give your gums a break from the constant rubbing of the dentures, which can cause sores and infections. Bacteria caused by dentures can quickly evolve into stomatitis, gum disease or even pneumonia, and the constant rubbing can accelerate jawbone loss. This results in both an unwelcome change in your appearance, and the need for new dentures at a quicker rate.

3: Rinse dentures every time you eat

On top of regularly brushing your dentures, it’s also important to give them a quick rinse after eating. This can be every time you eat something, or whenever is possible (as you can’t always do it away from home). A quick rinse helps to stop bacteria and stains from building up on your dentures, and food from getting trapped in between your gums. If food does get trapped, it can cause irritation and sores which may lead to gum disease if left unchecked. Incorporating daily brushing and rinsing into your routine will ensure your dentures last longer. Just remember to avoid hot water, as this can cause the plastic to warp!

4: Get regular denture check up with your clinical dental technician

When it comes to top tips for maintaining oral health, seeing your dentist and dental technician regularly is one we can’t stress enough. Your dental technician will likely want to see you every 2-3 years to start off with to ensure the denture is fitting well. This may then be extended to twice a year as your mouth gets used to your dentures.

New to dentures and wondering how to maintain your oral health? If you have any concerns,. If you’d like to discuss your concerns about dentures in person, we welcome you to visit the “Denture Knowledge” section of our website and empowered by all the denture tips, guide and knowledge.