3 Things You May Experience When You Get Dentures

Male doctor or dentist working with patient tooth x-ray film, model and equipment used in the treatment and analysis teeth disease of dental and dentistry at workplace

Dentures are the best replacement for your fallen teeth. If you happen to lose a tooth due to some unfavorable circumstances, then an artificial tooth is placed where the natural tooth used to be. Getting a denture is a very different feeling. You might completely freak out thinking about the process or you could be super happy about your new dentures. Whatever it is, there are always few things that all first timers experience. We have compiled a list of five things that you will experience after getting your first denture and a few new denture tips.

1: Proper practice of chewing with dentures

Trying to chew your food with dentures might be difficult in the beginning. Normally, it takes a couple of weeks for anyone to get used to chewing food with dentures. Therefore, it is advised to choose soft and easy food to chew in the beginning and as you get used to the dentures, you can gradually try the harder food. Moreover, it is also recommended to chew your food on both sides of the mouth in order to keep your dentures stable. Food should be placed in between the teeth and the corners of your mouth rather than trying to eat using the front teeth. If you use your front teeth, the chances are that the dentures would rise from behind and can get unstable.

2: Speak with your new dentures

It might sound funny when you try to talk with your new dentures in place. With the natural teeth gone, the tongue movement will not be the same and the pronunciation may be very different. It is practice and practice only that will help you get back your dialect. Start with difficult words, speak out loud and listen to the sounds; your brain and tongue will slowly get used to your new speaking style and you will be able to talk properly again. The only effort you have to put in is to master your tongue. Once your tongue adjusts to your momentum, everything will start getting its place. Practicing out loud is the best way to get there faster.

3: Smile confidently with your new dentures

 Every time you smile, people have the tendency to notice and judge when you have already lost some of your teeth. It is difficult to sleep on either side because the pain is in your mouth. Moreover, if you keep going on like that, you probably would lose your confidence gradually. You can get a smile makeover now and can walk with confidence with the right dentures. You don’t have bad teeth or pain like you used to have before. Getting dentures might save you from a lot of difficulties. Most of all, a happy smile is worth the pain.

For everyone, who has to make a bit difficult decision like living with dentures, it is recommended to go for it if it is absolutely necessary. There maybe problems while getting your first dentures, but your dentists or clinical dental technician and loved ones will always be ready to support you get used to it. Having dentures is not a shame but a sign of improvement, improvement in you and improvement in life.